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Vox -The number of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies has dropped by 25 percent

The decline in women Fortune 500 CEOs is “disappointing,” Ellig said, but also a wake-up call for corporations.

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Driving the Career Highway

As the leader of Ellig Group, Janice has decades of experience working with people who failed to see the signs of trouble in their careers – or to read them right. Here she distills the twenty most compelling problems and situations that can cause a person to detour, stall, get lost, or crash and burn on their career highway.

“For anyone whose career could use an overhaul – or even just a tune – up – Driving the Career Highway is a must-read. Loaded with fresh insights and practical, down-to-earth wisdom, it’s an indispensable guidebook for navigating the murky terrain of corporate success today.”

– Fortune Magazine’s expert career columnist Ms. Anne Fisher (“Ask Annie”), Career columnist,

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Adding Women to Corporate Boards Is a Smart Business Decision — And Retail Companies Are Taking Note

As more women across the industry ascend to C-suite roles, there’s also notable movement in another key area of the business: corporate boards.

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Success has many Mothers-Here are the women who paved the way for nasdaq’s bold effort to put more women on boards” Written by Davia Temin

“On August 6th 2021, in an historic and somewhat surprising move, the SEC approved Nasdaq’s revolutionary rule to require its 3,000 listed companies to have either one or two women on their board of directors (depending upon board size), as well as one person from a racial minority or who identifies as LGBTQ+ — or publicly explain why not…”

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Is It Okay to Joke in an Interview?

Is it okay to joke in an interview? If you’re preparing for a job interview, you might be wondering if there’s an appropriate way to incorporate humor into your responses. You may be wondering how to sprinkle in a few interview puns or interview jokes into the mix. In this article we will discuss whether jokes for an interview are a do or don’t.

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The Business Impact Of #MeToo

“The buck stops with the CEO!” as cited by Janice Ellig in this recent podcast with host Jon Umstead, on Business is Art. Janice is interviewed for her expertise around the impact the #MeToo movement has had on the corporate environment. In this matter of fact dialogue, Janice cuts right into the why boards and executives need to pay attention and how to make this action possible.

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Cole Brown, Author – Greyboy: Finding Blackness in a White World


Financier – Q&A: Diversity in the Boardroom and C-Suite

“Like driving financial growth, responsible chief executives that champion equality do the same for talent acquisition – at the board, C-suite and throughout an organization,” – Janice Ellig

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Women Board Candidates: Going Beyond the CEO Title

The solution is quite simple: fill every other board opening with a talented candidate (who just happens to be a woman) and the United States will no longer be #14 in the world, but #1.

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Say it–Target It–Measure It. Janice Reals Ellig speaks to CCTV America

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