Diversity Equity and Inclusion

We believe in the power of people and their unique perspectives.

DEI at Ellig Group

DEI is our DNA

In 2000, only 3.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs were women and/or people of color. Two decades later, that number had risen… to a whopping 14.2%.

Meanwhile, in 2021, 96% of Ellig Group’s candidate placements contained women and/or diverse executives. Over the last 20 years, 80% of our executive appointments and 85% of our board appointments were women and members of underrepresented communities. 

These numbers are real and they are not reactions to recent shifts in public opinion. To Ellig Group – a certified women-owned business and a premiere purpose-driven NYC executive search firm – this is hardly news. We’ve been leaders in the push for diversity and gender parity since our inception as a firm. That’s why we say DEI is our DNA. That is why we want our legacy to be we helped companies achieve gender and diverse parity.

The world has finally realized that diversity is good for business. Diversity is our reality. Equity is our moral compass. And Inclusion is a skill we’ve cultivated over years of practice.

DEI at a Glance

DEI is our Mission, Mandate, and Methodology.

Year after year, the impact is clear.

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diversity placements in 2021
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the only Top 10 recruiting firm that is women-founded and women-led
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Say it–Target It–Measure It. Janice Reals Ellig speaks to CCTV America

Ellig Group's DEI Ripple Effect

Ellig Group’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion informs and motivates our executive and board search processes at every step. We cultivate relationships with external organizations and their diverse networks. 

We present the most outstanding candidates and never marginalize any group. We help build strong organizational cultures with talented leaders. We never compromise and always overdeliver.

DEI is our DNA
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Our commitment is stronger than ever

At Ellig Group, we work at every turn to build partnerships with our clients and candidates that reflect values of DEI as well as foster environments of belonging and accountability. Just as the public conversation about DEI continues to evolve, so does our expertise, under the leadership of one of the most diverse executive teams in the search industry.

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More Latest Insights

Stay on top of the latest insights from Ellig Group.

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