Our Services

We customize our approach and tailor our solutions to each client’s unique needs, from the beginning of our Executive Search offering through to talent development services offered through our Leadership Practice.


We believe that leadership development is a lifelong journey. As we Reimagine Search, we are committed to enhancing and accelerating an executive’s success and impact. We offer a series of personalized strategic programming and consulting solutions to enhance and support transformational leadership at all levels.

Executive Assessment

A tailored assessment methodology
produces data-driven insights
into leadership, performance, and culture.

Accelerating Impact

A post-placement strategic
“roadmap” to onboard newly-appointed
leaders and enhance results.

Executive Coaching

Individual leadership coaching for executives seeking to increase their leadership effectiveness or navigate a transition and team coaching designed to optimize larger groups of leaders and support organizational health.

Leadership Development

Curated programs include team and group facilitation and on/off-site meetings on topics including transformation, teambuilding, resiliency, and communication.


We deliver distinctive insights and impactful leadership solutions to help CEOs and boards position the organization for sustainable success. Our services focus on practical improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of governance processes. Our board advisory practice focuses on the most strategic elements of governance, including value-driven director and CEO succession planning and ongoing board skill development and education.

Introducing the Ellig Group Board-Readiness Coaching Program

In addition to Ellig Group’s board advisory offering, we have recently launched the Board-Readiness Coaching Program (BRCP). The program provides executives with a six-month strategic coaching program to ultimately position them for a suitable, rewarding board role. The objective of the Ellig Group BRCP is the development of an actionable plan and tools to accelerate an executive’s path to corporate board affiliation. Ellig Group will provide highly capable and experienced resources including International Coaching Federation certified coaches, personal brand specialists, writing and research support, and access to its extensive network of executives and directors.

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Ellig Group Board-Readiness Coaching Program Overview

Ellig Group has established itself as a leader in placing high-performing, off-the-radar candidates on boards of directors, as well as C-Suite positions. We are a firm of choice for boards in a variety of industries, particularly when it comes time to expanding the diversity of the board or its executive leadership team. The experience, reputation, unsurpassed track record and network of our team make us uniquely qualified to help high-potential executives seek out and secure corporate board seats and for boards to seek (and trust) our candidate recommendations.

Ellig Group BRCP engagements are highly customized. Each client will participate in the following activities over a six-month period:

• Strategic board value proposition and detailed action plan

• Participate in one-on-one, deep dive coaching session based on professional assessment report (such as the Hogan Assessment, CliftonStrengths, or Leadership Circle Profile) to refine career and board goals and objectives

• Develop a strategy and detailed action plan for board pursuits, including a framework for assessing unsolicited opportunities

• Create and refine board biographies and resume

• Implement a networking plan to include facilitated introductions to Ellig Group contacts

• Assessment of the current online presence and creation of a plan to enhance profile leveraging our strategic partnership with CoolBrands People

• Perform gap analysis regarding board and committee skills and identify improvement steps to round out corporate governance knowledge

• Identify target companies that best align with the client’s unique skills, attributes, and experiences

• Map existing and potential relationships to position the client with the target companies using their personal network and Ellig Group’s proprietary database/alliance partners

• Attend customized training programs provided by Ellig Group staff

• Participate in “practice” interviews and receive feedback from experienced placement professionals and directors

• Ongoing coaching sessions and quarterly touchpoints

Ellig Group BRCP Deliverables:

• Strategic board value proposition and detailed action plan

• Framework for assessing board roles

• Refreshed board biography and resume

• Enhanced online presence and Signitt publications dashboard through CoolBrands People

• Personal brand statement and profile

• Board learning and certification plan

• Customized interview feedback report

• Target company list and outreach plan

• Professional networking strategic plan including relationship mapping and assistance from Ellig Group for introductions

• Searchable profile in the Equilar Diversity Network database

Contact Nicole Sandford for more information

As part of Ellig Group’s objective to promote and support the acceleration of more women on boards, we host a monthly conference call led by Nicole Sandford, Ellig Group’s Strategic Advisor of the Global Board Advisory Services.

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