How to Recruit Diverse Senior Executives?

Here are five actionable ways to jumpstart an effort to recruit senior executives with diverse backgrounds.

Intentionality. The first step to engage with diverse senior leaders is being intentional in your search, demonstrating the right intent to understand diversity recruiting. It is beholden on leaders to internalize the tough questions – Are we being proactive in representing our social, racial, and gender diverse populations? The intention to change and incorporate more diversity in the upper echelons of corporate America takes courage. By consulting with an expert on how to recruit diverse senior executives, a company can avert missteps and accelerate realizing diversity goals. Be mindful that the talent landscape is constantly shifting, and what’s effective today may not apply tomorrow. It’s not only prudent but strategic to align with an experienced guide bringing insight, foresight, and oversight to the deliberations.

Accountability. What gets measured, gets noticed. What gets noticed, gets done. A successful effort to recruit senior executives with diverse backgrounds requires you to quantitatively prepare yourself to reach your target in an agreeable timeframe. Build a diversity scorecard and hold all active participants accountable.

Uncover new networks. Where are you deepening your relationships? Are you supporting forums that enhance the executive presence of women? Or finding ways to connect with societies that develop and support Latinx on corporate boards? If not, this is an excellent pathway to engage with underrepresented communities in a meaningful way.

Building and promoting a brand. Do you have a brand that is relevant and attractive to diverse executives? Do you currently have diverse senior executives that have grown or are growing their career at your company? Tell their story. Capture the hearts and minds of these individuals and tell their impactful story as it connects to your organization. Diverse senior executives want to see their peers reflected throughout the organization. This encourages a culture of collaboration that you can consistently articulate to a broader audience and be effective in the pursuit to recruit senior executives with diverse backgrounds. Genuinely honor diverse senior executives and promote on social media. An inclusive company is an attractive company.

Inclusive recruiting practices. Pay attention to the tools, language, and resources you are using. Is the language that is reflected in your recruiting materials inclusive? Are you using outside companies with software tools that are also fostering an environment of inclusivity? This will help to drive high-impact outcomes and shape leading engagement to your executive search efforts.

Search is the foundation of our business and frequently marks the beginning of our relationship with our clients. Our cutting-edge technology, robust database and vast network provides a strong launching point and unparalleled experience for clients seeking diversity throughout all levels of their organization. If you would like to have a more comprehensive conversation on how to recruit diverse senior executives, please contact us at [email protected]