Episode 15: Ron O’hanley

Janice Ellig, CEO and founder of Ellig Group, sits down with real leaders in this series of game-changing conversations, bespoke to fellow champions of change. Heralded by Bloomberg Businessweek as one of “The World’s Most Influential Headhunters,” Janice is often consulted for her expertise and her commitment to gender parity, inclusion, and diversity.

Episode 15: “The CEO Who Landed Fearless Girl on Wall Street”

Ron O’Hanley is Chairman and CEO of State Street Corporation, a 225-year-old company that has helped build better futures for the people and institutions they serve. Previously, as President and CEO of State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), the nearly $3 trillion asset management company that put its belief in women, Ron was behind the installation of Fearless Girl on Wall Street, as a symbol of female empowerment accompanied by a plaque that states “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.” While CEO of State Street Global Advisors, Ron reached out to many companies and said, “The first step toward solving a problem is admitting you have one.” These conversations were about adding women to their boards.

Ron O’Hanley shares why he has a relentless passion for diversity, inclusion, and parity “I am convinced that if we don’t get this right, we are not going to see the kind of corporate performance that we need, that we are not going to see long term value creation.”

In celebration of the three-year anniversary of Fearless Girl, it is an honor to share Ron’s passion and advice on being an inclusive leader on this game-changing episode of Leadership Reimagined – The CEO Who Landed Fearless Girl on Wall Street.

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