Episode 18: Dambisa Moyo

Janice Ellig, CEO and founder of Ellig Group, sits down with real leaders in this series of game-changing conversations, bespoke to fellow champions of change. Heralded by Bloomberg Businessweek as one of “The World’s Most Influential Headhunters,” Janice is often consulted for her expertise and her commitment to gender parity, inclusion, and diversity.

We are honored to speak with Dr. Dambisa Moyo, an international economist, best-selling author, celebrated intellectual and public speaker who is recognized for her fresh and innovative ideas. As a citizen of the world and global contributor, Dambisa analyzes the macroeconomy, global affairs, and board leadership, on this month’s episode of Leadership Reimagined, “A Global Economist, Redefining a New Path for Humanity.” Join us as we discuss Dambisa’s unique perspectives, and balanced contrarian thinking with measured judgment and economic insights for investible societal solutions.

Episode 18: “A Global Economist, Redefining a New Path for Humanity”

As a child, Dambisa spent her very early years accompanying her family to the United States as her father received his Master’s degree, followed by a PhD at The University of Wisconsin. She returned to Zambia, her home country in Africa for primary and secondary school and attained an undergraduate degree in chemistry.  As a young adult, Dambisa shares how the realities of Africa shaped her perspective on many of the topics she speaks and writes about today. Having productive and open conversations around important issues such as business, politics, finance, and social challenges were highly encouraged by her supportive parents.

“Questions around how we improve livelihoods for as many people as possible and continuing to push the idea for human progress was always something my family discussed at the table…”

Dr. Moyo’s path took her to American University for her MBA before joining the World Bank as a consultant in the Bank’s Europe, Central Asia and Africa Departments where she co-authored the World Bank’s annual World Development Report. After receiving a Master of Public Administration from Harvard and a PhD in Economics from Oxford, she spent nearly a decade at Goldman Sachs as a research economist and strategist advising developing countries on the issuing of bonds. Dr. Moyo currently serves on the boards of Chevron, 3M and Condé Nast and on the Oxford University Endowment and previously on the boards of Barclays Bank, Seagate Technologies and SABMiller.

Please find a Harvard Business Review article written by Dr. Dambisa Moyo on “10 Questions to Guide Boards Through the Pandemic” published April 2020. In addition to her full list of publications, you can find all four best-selling books by accessing her website.

It is with great privilege we present to you “A Global Economist, Redefining a New Path for Humanity” with Dr. Dambisa Moyo.

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