How Can Boards & C-Suites Increase Gender Diversity?

By Janice Ellig

When it comes to the topic of diversity and inclusion (moniker D&I) and breaking down barriers in the workforce, there is no lack of conversation. The best intentions and programs are abundant in corporate America to create a diverse and inclusive workforce, yet the results, the numbers fall short.

Personally, I am cautiously optimistic. As companies are honored (upcoming 2019 Breakfast of Corporate Champions) for their inclusive and diverse cultures, other companies will not want to be left behind. Moreover, companies will not want to lose out in attracting top talent and will not want their reputation tarnished in any way. The emphasis on moving the needle forward will only increase as quotas and legislation, take California for example, put pressure on companies to achieve greater diversity overall.

According to a survey by Glassdoor, they found that 67% of job seekers review a company’s diverse workforce as an important criterion when evaluating prospective employers. Additionally, I am happy to report that according to Diversity Woman magazine, 1 in 5 Fortune 1000 companies now employ Chief Diversity Officers to lead the recruiting efforts in growing a more diverse workforce. This is a good sign for change.

I was recently interviewed by the Committee of Economic Development, on an issue I am personally and professionally committed to: How Can Boards & C-Suites Increase Gender Diversity? Listen as the CED asks the tough questions in this short 20 minute podcast. Hope you enjoy!

– Janice