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Boardroom Bound: The Secrets of the Board Director Search with Nicole Sandford

At times, the process boards use to actively recruit and add new directors to their team can be confusing. It’s critical to understand the recruiting landscape while working to land a board seat but it can be difficult to answer these questions independently. In this episode of Boardroom Bound, Nicole Sandford provides valuable background and insight to the board director search industry. She speaks about her innovative methods on managing legal and regulatory compliance risk across the entire enterprise. Nicole

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by Dambisa Moyo Harvard Business Review Some say that corporate boards only have value when companies are in crisis. If that is true, the 2020 global pandemic presents a moment for corporate boards to step up like no other. Management teams and their boards are juggling a wide array of concerns right now, from the health of their workforces to volatile equity markets to shuttered debt markets. Furthermore, many economists and policy makers have slashed GDP forecasts and now portend

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