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Leading She Interviews Janice Ellig

Janice Ellig is CEO of the Ellig group, known as “The Closer”, she is one of the top recruiters in the country specializing in the placement of executive women in C-suites and on corporate boards. She says that though there has been gender parity progress, it is still an issue at the top corporate levels and on corporate boards. Janice points out that statistics prove out that better decision-making happens and corporations are more successful when leadership and corporate boards are diverse.

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Bold Leaders, Actionable Solutions: Truett Tate & Kathy Higgins Victor


Lili Gil Valletta – Covid 19 People Impact Meter


Reimagining Search With Ellig Group

As our clients adapt to meet the rapid pace of change across all industries, we, too, have transformed. Ellig Group was established, created organically from its legacy company, Chadick Ellig, and with much of the same team that serviced clients over the years still in place! Our Executive Search Practice, focused on retained senior-level searches for the C-Suite, divisional, and boardroom positions, remains the cornerstone of our business. We continue to work with clients across all industries, including diversified Financial

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Charlene Bergman and Ian Brenner, Farber Group – In the Interim: Managing Executive Transition


Bold Leaders: 9 Actionable Solutions to Reimagining Boardroom Diversity

On October 21st 2020, twenty executive leaders representing some of the largest publicly-traded companies across all industries, convened in a virtual setting to bring forward their thoughts about the challenges and potential barriers to achieving broad diversity goals. In this conversation, we gleaned 9 Actionable Solutions to Reimagining Boardroom Diversity to share with a broader audience and to effectuate change on a larger scale.

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How to Build the Career of Your Dreams

From executive recruiting and coaching to advocating for women and minorities to gain leadership roles, Janice Ellig has spent her career helping others craft their own success. In this episode of Talent Champions, hosted by Diana Thomas, Janice shares the big decisions and daily actions that can help you pursue your professional dreams.

A few career building takeaways from this episode…

-Before making a career move, do your homework on the culture. Poor decisions are often the result of a failure to assess culture fit before taking on a new role.

-Invest in relationships. You will need support when you make a mistake or get off track, and those people you’ve helped in the past will be more than happy to stand up for you.

-Find your purpose, love what you do, and make sure you stay relevant even when life demands that your career goes on the back burner.

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Boardroom Bound: The Secrets of the Board Director Search with Nicole Sandford

At times, the process boards use to actively recruit and add new directors to their team can be confusing. It’s critical to understand the recruiting landscape while working to land a board seat but it can be difficult to answer these questions independently. In this episode of Boardroom Bound, Nicole Sandford provides valuable background and insight to the board director search industry. She speaks about her innovative methods on managing legal and regulatory compliance risk across the entire enterprise. Nicole

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Closing Bell at Cheddar: Gender equality in corporate America