Making Diversity and Inclusion a Business Imperative: Hear it from one of “The World’s Most Influential Headhunters”

Hear it directly from Janice Ellig, owner of 100% women-led NYC based executive search firm, Ellig Group. Candidly speaking, Janice describes the progress to be “glacial” and points out “Women and diverse candidates will not be attracted to companies unless they can ‘see’ an inclusive culture – an environment where there are others like them who not only survive but thrive and succeed. Companies with more inclusive, welcoming, safe, empowering environments attract the best talent and become the best companies.” Implementing or accelerating the pace of change as part of an organization’s strategy is very doable. It is achieved when leaders are intentional and focused on representing all their constituents; employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which they operate.

Janice highlights diversity and inclusion actions that can support and enhance business objectives. To share a few: over hire where certain groups are underrepresented; emphasis on retention as a goal; hold leadership accountable; and anecdotally celebrate those visionaries who are taking action. “Share with the world, let them salute you!” – Janice Ellig

This article is extracted from ‘Breaking down barriers: diversity and inclusion in the C-suite’, published by Fraser Tennant in Financier Worldwide. To hear more about on the topic of diversity and inclusion from industry experts, click here for the full article: Financier World Wide>Breaking Down Barriers.