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Cameron Ireland, BoardEx – The BoardEx Global Diversity Report

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Herschel Herndon, Thrivent – Driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion During a Crisis


Redesigning Wellness podcast- Marilyn Puder-York, Ph.D.

Ellig Group’s Executive Search Practice is the foundation of our company, yet it is only the beginning of our many complimentary offerings with our Strategic Partners! These ancillary services can provide the tools to help individual executives and client organizations reach their recruiting and talent development needs and are a complement to our senior-level searches for the C-Suite, divisional, and boardroom placements. Our strong belief in the wellness and health of strong minded leaders is one of the myriad of

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Bold Leaders, Actionable Solutions: Dawn Zier and Richard Davis


Betsy Atkins, Dawn Zier and Andrea Weiss – The Boardroom: Enhancing Culture, Communications and Commitment


Vox -The number of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies has dropped by 25 percent

The decline in women Fortune 500 CEOs is “disappointing,” Ellig said, but also a wake-up call for corporations.

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Bold Leaders, Actionable Solutions: Maryann Bruce and Teresa Rasmussen


We need a new breed of leaders – Janice Reals Ellig – CEO Ellig Group


Women in Philanthropy

University of Iowa alumni Janice Ellig joins President Emerita Sally Mason for an extraordinary conversation, discovering the spark, pull, passion that ignites her philanthropic spirit!

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Johnny C. Taylor – Back To Business: Leading Your Workforce Into A New World of Work